Service Pricing Worksheet

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EUR 10.00EUR 40.00 (-75%)


Service Registration
Begin the worksheet by recording your services, labor costs to provide it, approximate direct costs, and commission percentage (if any).

Sales projection
For each registered service, set the approximate sales percentage that it owns (or the percentage you want it to pay for your fixed expenses)

For each service, set the markup over the costs and automatically see the suggested sales price and the contribution margin.

Point of Equilibrium
Once you have made your pricing, you need to figure out how many services you need to sell to break even, that is, how many units you sell to stay at zero to zero. You can also do individual analyzes per service

Competition Analysis
Now that you have your pricing finalized from a cost point of view, assess whether your price is in line with the reality of the market by analyzing the competition!

Analyze cost, expense, and revenue projection reports against break-even sales

The worksheet still has two control panels to show you the key indicators and graphs of pricing for services in your business

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Service Pricing Worksheet

EUR 10.00EUR 40.00 (-75%)

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