School Accounts Payroll Worksheet

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In this worksheet you will control the payment of the tuition fees of all the students of your institution and will know exactly who is in default, facilitating collections and financial management of your school month by month.
Student Registration
Record all the students in your educational institution, as well as data of the responsible, telephone contact and email to access whenever you need.
Monthly Control
For each month of the year, record the tuition payments made for each student and follow up on those who are still in default to make punctual and objective collections.
Defaults Control
According to the calculated monthly result, you will automatically see the total amount of debt, how many students are defaulting, and you will understand the percentages between amounts of debt and received during the year.
Financial Balance Sheet
See if you’re having positive or negative financial results month by month, understand how much each type of income influences it and improves your financial management overall.
Monthly Dashboard
Choose a month and see all your financial results for that month, both types of income and expenses, as well as the evolution of default on a monthly basis.
Student Dashboard
Choose a student, look all the general data and financial information related to it and do quickly and practically analysis.
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School accounts payroll worksheet

School Accounts Payroll Worksheet

USD $20.00USD $40.00

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