Pricing for Reseller 3.0

CAD $15.00CAD $55.00 (-73%)

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CAD $15.00CAD $55.00 (-73%)


Product and Supplier Registration
The first step of the spreadsheet and insert the products that will be sold and also the vendors that are being used.

Point of Equilibrium
The second step of the spreadsheet is to analyze your breakeven point to find out what the optimal sales volume is and which margins can be obtained!

Competition Analysis
It is not only from the financial / mathematical side that a pricing is to be made. So the spreadsheet also contains a tab just for you to enter the price of the competition!

Finally, the spreadsheet generates consolidated results generating rankings of the best products in terms of price, margin and volume!

With the consolidated results data the spreadsheet also automatically generates graphs that make it easy to analyze the results in a visual way!

Report for Printing
The worksheet compiles all the generated data into a report already ready for printing facilitating the physical analysis when necessary!

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Pricing for Reseller 3.0

CAD $15.00CAD $55.00 (-73%)

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