Personal Planner Worksheet for 2019 in Excel 4.0

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CAD $55.00


Personal Review with Wheel of Life
Make an assessment of the 8 major areas of life that involve personal, social, professional, health and leisure. Then define where you would like to be for each of these areas

Life Goals
Define the main goals you want to achieve in the short (up to 1 year), medium (up to 3 years) and long (4 years) term.

Financial Goals
Record how much you want to receive, spend, and save per month. Then, you can automatically track whether you are achieving your goals or not.

Calendar and Monthly Agenda
For each month of the year record the main events and commitments you have to never forget anything important

Financial control
Record and track daily the receipts, payments and savings you make.

Activity Control
Record and follow the main activities and personal projects that you want to carry out each month and see the status of each of them according to the deadlines.

Monthly Balance
Keep track of your financial and activity results from month to month and see if you’re getting where you want to go.

Annual balance
See and track how close you are coming to your goals and objectives.

Dashboard Personal Planner
Track the key metrics of your personal Excel planner in a simple and easy-to-analyze control panel.

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Personal Planner Worksheet for 2019 in Excel 4.0

CAD $55.00

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