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By purchasing this spreadsheet you can control the level of user access to other spreadsheets you have. This way your information will be protected and each user will only be able to access the tabs you release by login and password.
Create Different Access Levels for a Spreadsheet
You start by creating different levels of access to a spreadsheet. For each level, you will tell which tabs can be accessed by users belonging to it.
Register Users, their Passwords and their Access Levels
Whenever you want, you can add new users to the spreadsheet or delete old users. Registration always uses a username, password and the choice of an access level for viewing specific tabs of the spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet Access now Mediated by Login and Password
Everyone who accesses the spreadsheet in question must enter a login and password. The spreadsheet will show only the tabs released for the user’s access level.
User sees only Content Released to him
According to the username and password choice, the spreadsheet only shows tabs unlocked for the user level of access in question.
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Create Login and Password on Spreadsheets - MACRO

EUR 40.00

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